“Friends are like the life of a tree, leaves grow and fall just as the seasons change and branches may break off a friendship that seemed strong, but most of all the roots hold up the tree from ever falling down”

                                                              Esabella Difilippo

Sunset in the Summer


After a thunderstorm,

The big blue sky appears.

Behind every dark stormy cloud,

There’s a beautiful blue sky.


The sun appears and begins to go down.

Pink and orange begins to appear.

They mix very well with blue.

When I look at the set,

I forget what’s happening in the world.

My friend and I stare at the sun

until it goes down.

Red and purple appearing.

It’s now the end.

The most beautiful setting I ever saw.

Now, we’re walking away from the sunset.

Back into reality now. 

Have a Wonderful Break Rockland!!!