Blossom by Dylan Cunningham

The orchard’s flowers

are in full bloom, releasing

their captive pollen, like a

parent to their child, now an

adult, freed upon the world.


Shannon Lindahl
The Place by Noah Driscoll

I can feel the cold sensation

as the wind blows by me

The sound of a waterfall and

rocks hitting the floor

The vision of a lifetime

One that will blind your eyes

Hannah Millen
Ashley Pezzella
Alyssa Hatch
Heaven by Sarah Margolis

We ought not stay

before the

dreams become reality.


For if they do,

I’ll be falling

up in the clouds.

Grass by Mike Ahern

You stood on it.

You played on it.

You partied on it.

You drove on it.

You got hurt on it.

You were told to come to dinner from it.

You rolled on it.

You looked at the stars from it.

You were told to cut it.

You grew up on it.

You left it for a car.

You forgot about it.

You got rid of it for a driveway.

But someday,

You’ll return to it.


Sara Bistany
Cait Meow

Have I told you I'm in love with your eyes? Have I told you how the light catches your eyes? No, no have I told you how your eyes catch the light and reflect it back brighter and more beautiful than before. Have I told you about how in your eyes I can see the universe? In your eyes which are filled to the brim with the arms of galaxies being pulled towards the black hole of your pupils, the same ones that pull me in when I look at them? Have I told you about your eyes and how when I see myself in their reflection, I see a happier version of myself?

Have I Told You About Your Eyes by Jeremy Bradley
Rebeca Portela

Thank You to Pathways...

Jake Swanson
Keith Wiley
Nick Cara
Emily Hunt-Grandmont
Michael Bodley
Nicole Raymond
Alex Anzavino

...And Thank You to...

Madalen Violet Bigsby-Licht