A Celebration of Poetry


Alyssa Patten


Its hands suffocate you

small words of fear consume your brain

don’t breathe; don’t speak; don’t move



All day, every day

weight rests upon your shoulders

taunting you

second by second

minute        by minute

Hour                 by hour

Day                          by day


You try so hard to break free

the exit is right at your fingertips




it’s back

and it won't let you go.  

Still Care

Tyler Morrison

We loved

I stayed

You left

We fought

Yet I still cared

You hurt me

Yet I still cared

You broke me

Yet I still cared

You said to stop caring

Yet I still cared

You yelled

I still cared

You realized

That I would never stop

Until you understood that

I will always care

I will always be here

I will never leave


I still care

Sharp Sirens Singing

Katie Houde​

Wicked waters

Dark ocean

White, crashing waves

And a cliff

Steep and sharp

Dark ocean

White, wet sand

And rocks at the bottom

Sharper and harder

Eroding wind

White, clear song

And sirens

Sharpest and beautiful

Dark ocean

White, red lungs

And drowning

Sharp breath and death

Dark surroundings

White light

And one last siren song

In the darkest of depths

Poem(n.): something that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty.

The Modern


Summer chill brings winter flowers

Piping cold tiger lily’s breathe so softly
The sun freezes the grass as the day lives
The moon burns all that look upon it
The ocean is dry and the fish are clean
The desert is wet and the cacti are soaked
Woman is Man and Man is Woman
So children are to be nothing of the such
War is as Peaceful as those Summer Chills
The price is as much as a wet towel
Corruption is key to well working lifestyle
Those subjected are unruly by nature
The poor kill the rich they must be stopped
The rich are subject to the most vulgar life
Cats kill dogs
Rain melts water
Ice is not cold
Life is simple
The depression uplifts any weary soul
The sad man brings his smile everywhere he goes


Olivia Janis


i'm trapped by my emotions

each with a different effect


anxiety consumes me like a tidal wave

always thinking about the consequences of every decision

sometimes i can't breathe


depression weighs me down like a deadweight

makes me feel like less than nothing

i try to fight it, and i do for a while, and then it comes back

dragging me down and pushing the knife further into my chest


fear is not an option, it doesn't give you a choice

at least not for me. i'm scared of everything.

scared of saying the wrong thing or wearing the wrong clothes or asking the wrong questions

not being like everyone else


every once in awhile a ray of sunshine tries to fight its way through the clouds

sometimes it breaks through and makes the pain go away for a little while

but as all stars do...







A Perfect World

Ashley Kelly


love is s          omething

you don’t re     alize you’re e

xperiencing at f  irst. This odd fe

eling you can’t place, until you u

nderstand. you get jealous w

hen you see them wi

th someone else.

every kiss t

ears yo

u apa




ery h

ug. kin

d word. smi

le. you want t

hem to hug, kiss, l

ove you the same. but y

ou know what, life isn’t abou

t getting what you want. you see h

er with them. you t     ry and ignore the j

ealous feeling yo         u have. the feelin

g tears you in t             wo. there’s noth

ing you can                    do about it.


every kiss like a knife.

every hug like a hatchet.

you’re so deep in this feeling.

you don’t see it.

she has these feelings too.

about you.

The Perfect Birthday Card

Ashley Gallagher

      Depression is an abyss of complete and utter darkness swallowing me whole,

        a pit of darkness dug deeper with every tear glistening down my cold cheek.

           With every tear, I fall deeper, deeper, deeper into this oblivion of apathy.

              Others watching blanky, I fall, cowering behind my cold, neglected soul.

                   Too weak to scream for help, mouth moving but no sound, can’t speak.

                     Tears start to fall faster faster digging deeper deeper absently

                                     the abyss grows narrow closing in on me I feel cold

                                          the hole traps my every breath crushing my lungs

                                                      alone afraid falling at the speed of light

                                                              walls caving in world crumbling

                                                                           lungs trapped by tears


                                                                                       I am








Thirteen Ways of Looking at Brazil

Melyssa Almeida




The torn hearts tremor with Temer’s actions.

The militia have arrived to take away our fun,

But the Carnival never stops in Brazil.




Stand up for your rights in Brazil,

and you're dead like Marielle.

Sometimes you just drown like Mariana.




The Brazilian coconuts are martyrs for the government.

When a coconut picker is pushed out of a tree,

It is death by coconut.




The slums are Brazil’s greatest tourist attractions.

They are beautiful flowers on a hill.

Where drugs, violence, and poverty sprout in the spring,

And then go unnoticed forever.




Stars in Brazil don't exist in the sky or waters.

And passion is not feeling.

They are the bitter fruits of the earth.




In Brazil they tell you not to end up like the neighborhood drunk,

But he is the most sober man you'll ever meet.




Race is a matter of limes and lemons.

In Brazil a lime is a lime,

And a lemon is just a yellow lime.




Soccer is not the only sport in Brazil.

Now that you have met the kite fighter he will tell you

All about his bleeding fingers and the liability he calls





In Brazil the poor are more focused on their appearances

Rather than their bank accounts.

While to the rich,

Rural farmhouses are escapes from debt.




A ton of coffee,

Is the weakest source of strength,

Unless it has milk.




Each of the twenty-six states of Brazil,

Live in their own unique world.

Like distant cousins,

That sometimes see each other on Christmas.




Brazil is the capybara.

To some it is a cute tiny bear,

But to others it's just a giant rodent that can swim.




Don't forget about the tribes,

That lives deep in the Amazon,

Hiding from the tree murderers.

Bouquet of Lies 

Olivia Janis


You brought me roses

And told me it was okay

But it never is

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Depression
Alyssa Patten


Alone in a crowded room
No interacting no talking
Mind racing with thoughts

Every inch of hope destroyed
Like a thief it steals
Each sliver of happiness diminishes

No longer am I who I once was
No longer do I laugh with friends
By myself I sit at home
Longing for joy

The pain drowns me
Tears of sorrow flow
I fell through the door of depression
Scraped knees and elbows struggling to break out

Days go by
Hiding behind a mask
Painted with a fake smile
Convincing those of happiness that isn’t there

Feelings of failure, discouragement
Wanting to be the best
But struggling to try

Fear of peers taunting
Reminiscing on the past
Scared of what’s to come

Shut out everyone
Conceal your emotions
Don’t reveal the truth

Be happy, cheer up
Words that mean nothing
Stabs in your chest
Tearing you apart

It strangles you
Gasps for air
It controls your life
You are the puppet

A constant war like WWII
One minute you are on top
Next rock bottom

Strength, courage, perseverance
Words of fighters
Fighting for their lives

One day

Maybe change will occur
A change of hope
A change of life
A change of happiness
A change of fate

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Paper

Bryce Taylor




Badabing badaboom vim vam zoom

Badading badadoom dim dam poom

Those are words from a Paper




Sometimes I read comics

I usually just watch the cartoon adaptations instead, but

On the rare case that i dont, i have a really good time




I feel like comics can be better than movies or cartoons

Cartoons can be rushed and put on a schedule

But people dont really rush someone to make a comic

Theres almost never a due date

You cant put a due date on quality

but some people do

They are asses that make something great

Become trash




Books can be better than a movie

Sometimes its easier to speak with written words

Than speaking with speaken words




Paper is super

I really love me Paper

Especially thin




Paper is literally anything

It could show anything you want

If you dont like it 2D have it 3D

Thinking about it anything could act

as paper does so

Anything is also “Paper”




Paper is like its own separate universe

It has endless possibilities of what to do with it

Will it be a man, a dog, or a bird

You can draw a horse

Or make the paper a horse

Or throw the paper at a horse

You’ll make a story that way

But thats not the only way to make a story with Paper




Paper has a lot of uses

You can draw on it

Drawing Paper

You can fold it

Origami Paper

You can Burn it

Fuel Paper

You can clean with it

Towel Paper

You can wipe your ass with it

Toilet Paper

Paper has more uses than you

Better-Than-You Paper




What if every story made a separate world?

We could be one, you never know

I used to think that

But with Paper you have to keep in mind that it isn’t real

You can’t grow too attached to Paper

A man named Chris Chan did

His life is miserable now

He lives a fake life

Surrounded by delusions

Thinking that Sonichu is with him

A portal to another world in his closet

He’s a man who serves as an example

Of what not to do with Paper




Paper is infinite

Paper is all

Paper is 3x4 inches




As cool as Paper is it's also pretty stupid

You can make a masterpiece over the course of

10 Years

But then a couple days later it’s nothing





Something is always better than what you do

It’s never the best and never will be

Even if it is, you won’t know

Because the Best know that they aren’t the Best





Paper isn’t just Paper

It’s stone too

Anything can be paper if you try hard enough

Paper is used for portraying something, usually a story

But how many things can portray something?

People just draw on themselves sometimes

Yeah that’s right

You’re a Paper

That doesn’t mean you have to draw on yourself

You don’t need too

You’re already telling a story