The Senior Issue!

Letting Go

Lauren Grisolia

We always say that we can’t wait to leave

It’s light years away, so won’t you ride with me?

Suddenly the futures flying at us,

Our ship is failing, the past is disappearing.

Take my hand and and keep it simple.

Keep it innocent and steady.

Keep it lively and stress free.

Keep my hand in yours and never let me go.

Never let me to go reality.

Never let me explore.

Keep me here.

But what is here?

Is it a simple life where everyone chooses our lives?

Or is it time to choose our own.

Letting go is hard to do,

But letting go is what we need.

It’s light years away, but suddenly here.

Time to let go.

Ryan Sugrue

One Small Step


I took this picture the day I was taking my senior pictures. This day, it really set in that everything is about to change. I've always found solace and continuity in the woods, and this scene was something I'll never forget.


Sean Carney


Alyssa Hatch

Do not be afraid

to express what’s inside you.

Every day you’ll find

that through the eyes of strangers

you’re no more than just a face.


Justin Arena


A bottle of hope lay in front

of her and she realized she had


she was washed out,

no good,

a joke.

She took this as a gift and

took a long pull

alone, in a fortress of solitude.

Acting tough,

she sips deeper,



Lauren Illes


Celia Rosa

The Plantation

Rebeca Portela

The Battle

Mike Ahern & Christie Hurley

I try to help you,

But you don’t want to help yourself.

I pull you up,

But you drag me down.

I try to please you,

But my efforts are thankless.

You lock me out,

As I plead to be let in.

This battle has turned into a war.

And I’m losing my mind

Trying to find yours.



Mike Ahern

You stood on it.

You played on it.

You partied on it.

You drove on it.

You got hurt on it.

You were told to come to dinner from it.

You rolled on it.

You looked at the stars from it.

You were told to cut it.

You grew up on it.

You left it for a car.

You forgot about it.

You got rid of it for a driveway.

But someday,

You’ll return to it.

Daylight is blinding,

I wish to stay inside

Where it is cool or warm,

And, most importantly, dark.


I cannot think in

Direct light, so

I go to the dark of night

To figure out my world.


The sun is blinding,

The moon is comforting,

They are two sides

Of the same coin.


There are those who

Seek safety in daylight

And those who seek

Security at night.


I walk the streets

Of Rockland in shadow

And listen to the music

Of the shrouded town.

The Virtue of Darkness

Gavin Annis

A scratching behind a fence,

Wings fluttering furiously,

My own footsteps on the stone,

All are a song to me.


I walk in the cold stare

Of the Union Street lights.

I skip in the shadows

Generated in side streets.


I lie in the darkest patches

And stare at the sky.

I’m perfectly at ease

For I’m a denizen of darkness.


Any who would attack me

Cannot find me in shadow

For I am one with

The benevolent darkness.


I think my life through

And I figure out that

It is my duty to help

My friends trust in themselves

And in the darkness.

Caitlin Hedges
Celia Rosa


Christie Hurley


The breeze blows in

brushing my white curtains aside

bringing a natural scent


All four blue walls surround me

displaying the past

with a scenes of nostalgia


sounds of birds bellowing

and children playing

fill the room


The familiar white blankets

in between my fingers

feel like soft clouds must feel


Within these four walls

my mind's at peace

as I listen to the voices

and the footsteps of family

Four Walls

Jillian Manning
Christie Hurley

I have memories from when I was young,


Memories of you,


Memories of you holding me in your arms,


Memories of the warm simplistic feeling that I felt with you,


Memories of being at home,


Memories of feeling safe,


Memories of being loved.


But those memories of the warm simplistic feeling, turned to stone


And I got ripped from my home.


Brutally tossed into the reality, that nothing good lasts forever,


And safety turns to fear,


And love becomes a labyrinth of complexity.


Memories begin to fade.


Until you are all alone.


The bitter silence, eats at your mind.


Until you have nothing.


Nothing but to be cold.

Nothing but to wish for those memories.

Kalee Lucier-Hill
Trevaughn Augustin
Sean Carney

Army National Whaaaaa?

Brian Macdonald

When I had enlisted

I was told I was part of the one percent

It was a proud moment

That had only lasted til I was sent to basic


Drill sergeants were yelling like vultures in the desert

Push ups, sit ups, and two mile runs all day in heat that was unbearable

Nothing but standing formations to be yelled at for looking around

All of it paid off at the end


I came home after graduation to be asked a lot of questions

How was it?

Was it hard?

Why did you wanna waste a summer?


I say the same thing to everyone to this day

It was one of those things that you can’t explain, like my mouth is duct taped shut so I don’t tell anyone the truth

So I say “It was hard, but all you need to know is,

It is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.”

Taia Johnson
Sarah Kane

Social Anxiety

Dylan Cunningham

I can feel the words beating against my chest,

begging to be freed from my lungs

like caged birds.

If only I could find a way to free them,

to free myself –

but the cage is locked

and I lost the key too long ago to even remember

what it looks like.

The fluttering becomes more frantic,


We know they need to leave but don’t know how.

Their trembling subsides as they forget their order,

realizing, as do I,

that they will never leave.

They will become old memories,

little dead things that will never happen.

Sarah Hunter
Trevaughn Augustin

A beacon of hope

taken by the darkness

even the Devil

was once an angel.

Good vs Evil

AJ Clark
Caitlin Hedges
Bella Rindone

Have I Told You About Your Eyes?

Jeremy Bradley

Have I told you I'm in love with your eyes? Have I told you how the light catches your eyes? No, no have I told you how your eyes catch the light and reflect it back brighter and more beautiful than before? Have I told you about how in your eyes I can see the universe? In your eyes which are filled to the brim with the arms of galaxies being pulled towards the black hole of your pupils, the same ones that pull me in when I look at them? Have I told you about your eyes and how when I see myself in their reflection, I see a happier version of myself?

The water fills the sky like stars

The clouds float weightless and elegant

The trees blow to the sound of the wind

Yet, we all live our lives, blind and clueless

Still the day goes on without any appreciation.

Hunter Morris

In The Clouds