Creep Us Out!

   For our second writing contest, students of Rockland High were challenged to scare us with a spooky piece of writing. Among many scary great entries, The winning piece of writing is Anthropomorphism by paige boggs. Accompanied by the winning story is a drawing by Luiz pereira. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations, paige!

Scan 15.jpeg

Luiz Pereira


by Paige Boggs

    She looked at me with no expression. As if she knew what I was feeling and was ready to use it against me. A smile that could only be described as crooked slowly crept across her face. Her sunken eyes were as empty as her appearance, and contentment was as lacking as her morals. She was still but I could tell she was writhing internally. Even before I was aware of her existence I knew there was something watching me. There are no people here, just she and I. I can no longer differentiate myself from her.