Welcome to Rockland High School’s second edition of our Images Webzine! The theme of this issue is Dreams. The literature and art seen here represents many talented student's dreams and future aspirations. We hope you enjoy and continue to come back to our website in the future. We appreciate all the talent here and hope you continue to submit in the future. Click to enlarge images.

Syann Teixeira

Your Nightmares

Shandi Austin


It was around 1 a.m when I was tossing and turning.

Your words stuck in my head like a toxic dream.

A nightmare that leaped from its chains and faced itself before you.

Worry twisting my stomach in knots and the butterflies in my bones having seizures.

And I couldn’t get those words out of my head.

It was a draining headache that took the life in me and gave it a fever.

I paced the floor until I couldn’t walk anymore.

And felt the burning holes in my flesh.

Please stay alive and map the stars with me.

The nightmares cloud the back of your mind and all of your focus is blurred.

When did your life become a thin piece of glass that was about to be smashed?

I cross my heart and hope to fly that I want to turn those nightmares into a blinding light.

A blinding light that you can see through.

I know you’ve done similar for me.

Chain the demons away and let the galaxies in your veins flow in a passionate pride.

I swear it’ll be okay, at least it will be someday.

The nightmare is almost over now.

The Light

Joey Marchetti

But That Is Just A Dream

Danielle Hill


I am a perspicacious dragon,

Opal eyes and tornado horns,

Wings that erase mountains,

As well as memories,

But that is just a dream.


I am a cumulonimbus cloud,

Billows of white and grey,

Traveling the cold sky in search,

Of a friendlier view,

But that is just a dream.


I am a redwood tree,

Arms braving the height of air,

Armor welded against the world,

Protecting an ancient soul,

But that is just a dream.


I am a calm stream,

Drifting slowly with no aim in sight,

Serene and cold in its art,

Deep when one steps in,

But that is just a dream.



Ashley Pezzella

Vanishing Thoughts

Cait Meow


This class. I sit as a group,

but feel so alone. Learn this,

Learn that... Thats all that matters.

Here, I am alone. I trail off.

I stare at lots of things in the room,

giving meaning to everything.

Weirdly, suddenly, they start to change.

The flag, which we say under God,

flails to be a bird flapping its wings.

The board. So white. Slowly changing its

colors, so vivid, into a beautiful sunset.

The floor, starting to sink a bit. Becoming soft,

and swallowing my feet. Getting deeper in this vision.

I lose my thoughts. Everything is getting darker.

This place turns black, as I feel alone again.

My unwanted thoughts start to take over.

The darkness tries to capture me as I try to

run away from this evil. It invades me with

negative thoughts and again, I sit alone.

This loneliness captivates me, as I fall.

Falling. Faster. Faster. Faster. A bright light

and a slight tap gets my attention

as everyone is staring at me

with my bloodshot eyes.


Lauren Grisolia


Fresh air runs through my lungs,

as I look out into the deep sea.

The waves come crashing down onto

my sandy feet.


As I breathe in and out, I start thinking

about how calming my surroundings are.

I am free, I could soar through my dreams,

and not be stopped by the slap of reality.

Suddenly, I feel my eyes start to

flutter open.


The beautiful wonders around me

slowly starts to be ripped away.

I look at the new surroundings

in front of my eyes,

and I recognize it as my bedroom.

I try to drift back to sleep,

wishing of what my life could be,

and what I could become



Fu Dog

Austin Ferrullo

Crossroads of Your Reality



But then there’s a dream….

alterations of

imperfect realities,

light in the dark

by itself, bright

and wonderful

unmoved by the shadows

trying desperately

to darken you.

now here  we are

at a crossroads—

follow the light

without fear nor finality

or continue on

with just the memory

of its warmth.



Shawn Ward

One Day...

Alisha Schneider


I dream of a hopeful future

One that will bring me success

I dream of happiness

Where theres always a smile upon my face

I dream of peace

Living on the beach

I dream of a family

That can one day share my happiness

I dream of my childrens future

One where they will live a happy life

I dream of a hopeful future

With everlasting happiness

Cait Meow

The Hand

Joey Marchetti


Gavin Annis


Is sanity the opposite of my group, the weird ones,

or are we the most sane in the school?

Is sanity having a logical, potentially different mind than those around you? Is sanity finding a new person to lead you when the current one can’t or won’t? Or is it sane to fight for your own independence, for complete independence, from government, from the school bully,

from the school system?

What is the difference between sanity and insanity? Doing what others won’t? Babbling nonsense? Killing for fun? What will make your neighbor break? Losing their loved ones? A broken TV? A broken window? Their pudding being stolen?   A misplaced word?

Be careful. Anything

could push anyone

over the edge.

Dear Dreams

Michael McPeck


Dear Dreams,


What really are you? Are you someone else out there telling me something? Or are you trying to tell me my future or warning me for something? I just need to know. Why do you give me great dreams sometimes and nightmares other times? I’m just so confused by this and if you could somehow give me a sign to tell me the truth behind you. Tell me in a dream what you really are just so I can finally know.


Thank you,


Good and Evil

Danielle Hill


White Shores

Austin Ferrullo


Nobody ever willingly came to the shores where the nooses hung from their erected gallows. The endless shores held secrets feared by the ones who awaken on the white rocks with no memory of why they came, but a haunting emotion of captivity. The newest victim of the shores was a middle aged man, Saba. As the gazed out over the rolling tides he was captivated by the symmetry all around him. Left or right it didn't matter the shores with its dense fog shrouding the path ahead was symmetrical all around. Saba had a hollow pit in his heart, as if upon arriving to these shores he had forgotten to take his innards along for the trip. He gazed up to the bleached sky immensely wrapped in fog and saw simply nothing. No visible sun, or gulls, no life. Saba rose to his feet and began to walk. The tide visibly crashed against the pale rocks yet made no sound. There was no sound, only the sound of ringing in Saba’s ears. The ringing was resonating from somewhere perhaps in his own head, perhaps not.  Saba continued forward, even though continuing forward seemed to yield no end, Saba continued forward. The endless shores where not dead, they were unreal as if any moment the smoke would clear and it would all make sense to him. So the waited for a moment anticipating the next move of his cage. Maddening thought of eternal damnation wrapped around Saba’s mind to the brink of insanity. This isn't heaven nor hell, but lost in between with no chance of salvation.


Witch Doctor

Austin Ferrullo