Fantasy and     Reality 

(Volume 2)
Emmy Kelley

Fantasy Land

Jaymie Atkins 

I live in two worlds.

My favorite parts of the day is when I drift away, to my fantasy land.

I can close my eyes and be happy there.

I live in a castle of dreams with my friends as kings.

Here, nothing can hurt us.

The knights are the lies we tell ourselves about the real world.

The dragon that guards the front gate is our ignorance to the facts of life,

Allowing us to stay here freely.

We hide here from the villages greatest monsters, responsibility and labor.

Anytime responsibility creeps into the castle of dreams,

the knights and dragon make it easy to ignore.

We are protected by the abundance of armor that shields us from the harshness of reality.

Stretched out dreams

Erin Buckley

Fantasy is dreaming of being successful

Because face the reality,

You won’t be.


All the obstacles in the way will make you fail

Because face the reality,

You will.


Fantasy is being forever happy

Because face the reality,

You won’t be.


All the people tearing you down,

Causing smiles to turn to tears,

Allows you to face the reality,

Life is a fantasy.

Emmy Kelley

The Delusion of Life

Nicole Reera


Fantasy is

Your deepest desire.

The thing

You don’t tell anyone.

The thing

You wish for with all your being.

You sit

Through life waiting, thinking, wishing, yearning.

Then one day you open your eyes

And your

Life has passed you by without you

Really noticing.

Fantasy is dreaming but never achieving.

Fantasy is...

Sean Vo


An armor we all shrink into.

The spears of reality can’t penetrate

Unless we allow it. Imagination

Burns, withers, fades, when we

Allow it.


Fantasy is...


When the armor is taken off

And reality sets in, all you see

Is stretched out dreams.

“Starry night, o so bright, take me

To my wildest dreams,” you say.


Fantasy is...


More than knights, kings, castles

And dragons. The ability to

Imagine even when things seem

Unimaginable. The north star

That guides you to your happy ending.

Jeyzon De Souza and Victor Valentim Alves


Jessica Cameron 

Reality is a hoax

Reality is what you believe

Reality is all your hopes

Reality is all you perceive


Nothing is real, it’s all in your head

Everything you think is real, is all made up

Real is everything you dread

Real is what you put in your cup


Reality is when you struggle

Reality is your sigh

Reality is when you crumble

Reality is when you cry


Something is real when you can feel it

What is real?

Real is your wit

Real is all that you can feel

A Troop through the Jungle

Zach Franovich

   His eyes were bloodshot, his skin had almost a whitish almost colorless cast

The trudging man seeks out his death as the days go by

His voice seemed hollow and stuffed up, nasal soundings as if he had a bad cold

The jungle seems to be an endless maze of unknown

The area was heavily mined, thick with Bouncing Betties and homemade booby traps

Wet boots and swollen feet stick to the wet, muddy ground

To the north and west the country rose up in thick walls of wilderness, triple-canopied jungle, mountains unfolding into higher mountains, and great valleys of elephant grass

The sun burns down scorching while sweat burns the eyes

The adrenaline buzz went with the job, that quick hot rush in your veins

War drags him to the very edge, and all he knows is how to survive

He took the flashlight, muttered something, and moved down to the far end of the hootch

As night falls, nightmares become reality and the silent jungle looms

The Magical Pair of eyes

Morgan Foster

His eyes were something different, amusing almost.

It was not blue, though but a bright glowing jungle green.

Under his watch townspeople got lost and looked like a pair of tourists.

Under certain light his eyes were almost bright red and yellow.

When he was mad you could feel his stare, thick and numbing.

He had the world, everything he ever wanted, but not love.

One Day he sees her. She seemed to flow like water.

She had his full attention, but he didn't have hers.

He takes one look at her, her eyes seemed to shine in the dark.

“Perfection” he thought. He finally found the missing puzzle piece.

He goes up to ask her out. Pushes his way through the crowds.

When he gets to her, he asks, “Come on a date with me?”

She looks at him with a complexion like strawberry ice cream.

She opens her mouth and says, “I can't. Love is weakness”

With that the girl with the beautiful eyes left.

She was part of the sea, he was part of the land.

The two were never meant to be together.

He was so sure of hiself, she was lost inside herself.

I Don’t Know

Kellie Berry

I don’t

know what’s real

I ask myself

that all the



If you asked

anyone what’s

real, maybe

they’d say

the clouds

maybe the






But I don’t

know, so

don’t ask if

you want

a straight



Because I

don’t know

the answer


Kaleigh MacKinnon & Krysta Doherty


Emma Daly 

Reality is what you make of it

Something  is real if you believe it’s true

You can’t get a redo

You can only control a little bit


Nothing is real it’s all in your head

It might be real if you believe

Maybe you’ve got a trick up your sleeve

If thinking this way hurts, just go to bed


Reality is what you think you see

You have the ability to make change

It’s anything you want it to be

Reality can be arranged


Real is knowing who you are

Real is being you

Real is driving a car

If you have any clue

Sydney Ferguson


Sean Sugrue


He who nurtures a mind closed to hope argues that reality and fantasy are separated by a definitive tangible, a solid curtain of a shade so dark it is more aligned with that of pitch than any other visible hue. He sets his concentration to that which he knows, bar a shred of doubt, to be true. His thoughts are forbidden from wandering to any world or plane other than the one they inhabit. Such a man does not look beyond or within, but rather he sees only what is forward, behind, and to either direction at his side. To him, visible reality is a singular entity, and fantasy, a mere figment of an untapped, nonexistent imagination. He is called a realist.


He who allows his mind to be left ajar understands as fact that reality and fantasy are but twins. He believes that a connection lies between the two philosophies. For him, such a connection is, in actuality, the mind of man. His thoughts are permitted, and encouraged, to wander, for if one is to fully understand that which is real, he must also be aware of that which is not. Not yet, that is. This man knows that what is fictitious can just as easily be made a reality. For him, the power to do so too lies in the mind. His vocabulary consists of the words perhaps, maybe, and most importantly, if. His essence is one of pure hope, and this is his most valuable resource. He is called a true man.

Giliana Silva