You took us somewhere new

For our third contest, Images wanted Rockland High's best fantasy world! Congratulations, Jenna Sullivan! You created an awesome fantasy world for us to enjoy!

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next contest!

Princess Tila

Jenna Sullivan

“You really don’t understand do you princess? Your army has been slaughtered. Your magic stripped from you. You will die here all alone wishing you never crossed me!” General Alar hovered over the kneeling princess as his men attached chains to her wrists and ankles. Alar in a fit of rage lifted his foot and smashed the princesses face against the stone floor.“ Your gods can’t help you now! King Niles will take his rightful place as god of this world! I will return at dawn to escort you to the execution room.”

Tila just looked down at the stone floor as Alar walked out with his men. Two druids stood either side of the door with staffs by their sides. Tila looked to the small window looking onto the purple moon.

“You need to stand up princess.” Tila quickly moved further into the cell surprised by the voice. The druids only took a quick glance at her before turning back to their original positions. In the small window stood a horned cat. The cat jumped down through the small gap in the window and strutted over to the chained princess.


“What’s the point? My people are either dead or being hunted. My magic was taken. I can’t win this alone.” The princess said in a hushed voice as not to be heard.


“But you can. If Niles takes control, becomes the god he’s so bent on becoming, this world will be no more. No more sun rises. No more festivals. The beautiful nature you care for so dearly will all be destroyed.” The cat put its front paws on Tila’s knees. “You can defeat him. Your were born for this. It is your destiny to rule this land as the true Empress of Milaria!”


Can I truly defeat him?


As she looked towards the horned cat she opened her mouth, “Where do we start?” The horned cat smiled and pounced off her knees.


“I will knock out the guards and get the cuff keys. You maybe able to fit through the window and we will make our escape!” The cat snuck over to the cell door. Her small figure made it easy to slip through the bars. Once out the cat jumped up hitting both druids hard enough in the temple to knock them out cold. “Lets get you out of those nasty cuffs shall we.”


“Thank you so much…”


“Aragth. My name is Aragth.”


The two walked to the window. Princess Tila jumped up and hooked her hands to the edge of the window and slowly pulled herself up and through the window with Aragth right behind her. Tila’s feet hit the soft green grass and before moving she looked around. The tall blue trees that were so beautiful under the summer sun were charred and ripped from their roots. The winding rivers now floated with blood of fallen warriors.


“Princess we must leave this place.” Princess Tila looked away and started to run.