Sean Sugrue

It inhabits the night,

And the day,

At all hours and instants

It makes of life its prey.

It lay lurking,

Always working to extinguish

The flame of joy and hope,

As a coy fireman awaiting

His beck and call,

Awaiting the bell which

Bid him drag to Hell

The romantic pyromaniac.

It slithers about,

Among the withered weeds

It touts its legless mass,

A crass length of

Scaly armor, which

Once unsuitable is

Unsuited and soon is

Re-rooted anew,

It basks,

Never asking whether

It should bask,

Never asking

If alternative tasking

Might be more noble,

It knows not nobility,

It has not the ability

To meditate on its sins,

On these it may only


Or otherwise predicate

The evil from which it is derived.

Emmy Kelley

 J   e   f   f   E   d   w a   r   d   s


Katie Houde


I am desperately waiting for my future, hoping for great things. I sit and watch and wait and be. I am not an active participator, but it’s all happening to me. Taking the reins is hard, scary, but what will I be if I don’t? What will I amount to if I sit and watch and wait and be? I am still sitting. I have not raised my trembling hand and gripped the leathery straps with all the strength I can muster and pulled myself up and put myself in control. What if I am always sitting and watching and waiting and being without finishing or accomplishing or doing? The hope is sizzling and soon it will fizzle, but before it does I have to stand and jump in and do, so that hope may boil away to reveal the fully developed person beneath.

Sarah Pollard

Maddie Gear

The Fall

Lydia McWilliams

They warned me

but I wouldn’t brace for impact.

They tried to show me the truth

but I closed my eyes.

They tried to comfort me

but my emotions stayed locked.


But then they spoke it aloud.

And now my eyes are open

The ground is rushing closer

It never seemed so close before

If only I had listened

Before I hit the ground.

Black Heart

Tyler Morrison

It was black

Like the heart

That I once had

This darkness looks like me


Another me

Is what there will never be

It crawls up me

Like a spider to its web


It finally takes control

Dark shore

Tyler Morrison

It was  dark and stormy when

Waves crashed upon a littered shore

Littered with crushed dreams

And bad memories


Running out of the woods

Came an old figure

Made out of

Crushed bones and widening eyes

Then... I realized

I was looking in a mirror

Alicia Williams

Maddie Gear


Joseph Messier 

They say that loneliness will drive you mad.

I'm not there yet.

I may be in the barrel ready to go over the falls

but I still hold hope.

That while I'm descending into delirium that I will be saved before I fall too far. "But what is this?"

A ray of light coming from above,

"Is this the angel that is here to save me from my sorrows."

That light is wasn't the angel

but it was the light of dawn

reminding you that...

that was the past coming to haunt you. You are reminded by a familiar voice

that you have already been saved by your angel.