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Take a look at the creative collage owls made by the Pathway students using ripped up pieces of decorative paper

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Grade SP
"The Thought"
By Ava Stetson

          When she was younger there was a thought that would not leave her mind. It was something that drove her crazy and questioned every decision she made. It was not a bad thought but not a good thought. Just something that appeared from time to time, and once it appeared she could not shake the cold and damp feeling. It was not something she had done, nor something she would do. Something that made her realize she needed to do better, a thought of peace but also terrifying outcomes. It made her hands clammy and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Her eyes were filled with fear and bliss at the same time. She wondered if she would be successful enough to shake this feeling one day. Years went by, was the feeling still there? She went to college, she got her diploma, she has a house and what more could they want. 

          They? Who's They? Who is there after we die? 

          That feeling of I am not good enough or this is all I can offer. Will it stay there even after there is nobody connected to the soul? Without thinking about it for too long she continued with her life. Once again years went by as she grew older she had children who are going to school and a husband whom she loves but the feeling, the feeling is still there. 

          Why is it still here? Why is there no escape even after all she has done? Is she trying too hard? Is she not doing enough?

          Without this feeling life could be filled with harmonic bliss, instead, she feels trapped in a bubble without the bubble she had never felt. She grew older and weaker giving into the feeling. She had her garden and her husband whom she would go out to eat with now, and read books. She did not know what happened to the feeling but it had not been in her thoughts for a year or two now and she could not be happier. She knew what the feeling was, she knew how to handle it, how to live around it. There was no therapy, she needed no antidepressants and no need to banish the thought. The thought was a part of life. She knew she either had to embrace it or give into it. Giving into it felt wrong. You can not live your entire life moping around over one thought, and wearing chains and shackles for your life. When she was sitting by her garden with her husband one weekend she noticed something that caught her attention, it was the sunset. She noticed how the colors fade into one another and how many different shades there actually were. She pointed it out to her husband and he responded as though it is not uncommon to see such magnificent colors. The feeling of being alive finally struck her. 

          Was it the sunset that triggered this feeling? The outdoors could have been it? Or was it simply just taking time for herself to realize what she had been missing?

          No matter what had caused the feeling, she adored it nonetheless and took pride knowing the thought had vanished. There were no more clammy hands, or sweat due to stressing about the thought, no more darkness in her eyes if you looked too long. She felt as if she could do anything. That anything was possible in her eyes, but she has grown older and weaker. She is still young in her heart but her heart has not yet caught up to her being. She sits some nights after the sunset trying to see why did not understand it sooner, why it took her many decades to come to the conclusion she has been searching for her whole life. 

          Was it because she was not taught properly? Was it her mother and father's fault? Was it her fault that she did not look hard enough? Or did she look so hard that her mind slipped right past it? She could not figure it out.

          She grew much older and much weaker and her husband had now passed so she sat in her chair looking off into the sunset. When she saw the same sunset setting just like the one she had seen those years ago she knew that the feeling was gone. She knew it was okay to embrace death. Knowing that someone is at peace and that you will be too is the answer she was looking for her entire life. 

Ava Glushik
Digital Art, Inspired by Frida Kahlo










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          This is a study guide meant for the student [Crystal Ultamus] of the Arcanum Magic Academy sharing this material with other students without permission or using this material during exams will result in an instant failing grade and the student’s parents will be notified. This 4-part study guide will be going over the different types of basic magic elements, as always using attack spells in the halls or lectures will result in disciplinary actions.


          This part of the study guide will review the elements of Water and Lightning. The element of Water is highly adaptable, water can be gentle enough to bring life and nutrients to our fields but strong and sharp enough to level entire mountains. Water is a generally safe element to use as it takes a considerable amount of energy and focus to turn its edge razor-sharp, to achieve such a state, Water masters must clear their minds of all unnecessary thoughts and focus only on the single condensed blade they create. However, due to Water’s ability to overwhelm an opponent with a barrage of attacks, this form of mastery is rarely used. Next, we will go over the element of Lightning.

           Lightning is the element of speed; near-instant teleportation, and command of the sky’s fury, with Lightning magic these are possible. Lightning magic can call down the sky’s fury to kill almost any enemy instantly or increase one’s own speed to the point where it seems as if they could use teleportation magic. As with Water however the former technique requires a great deal of patience as it takes time to charge up enough energy to deal a devastating blow, so most Lightning users tend to use the latter technique along with far weaker yet quicker spells or weapons. These pages of the study guide have touched upon the aspects of the Water and Lightning elements, the pages on the other basic elements, Wind, Ice, Light, and Shadow, will come at a later date.


Headmaster of Schools Arthur von Avalin





Bailey Farquharson

2-D art, Grid Paintings


Isabella Panaro

2-D art, Grid Drawings


Ava Glushik

2-D art

"Life is Like an Echo"

Elaine Gargano

          Life is an echo that never fades. What is sent out comes back to us, there are many ways people can hear echoes. In many ways, people can hear what is said. And what is sent to you can be jumbled or scrambled making it hard to understand. Making you have to sit and think about what you heard in order to piece it together. The same situations bounce back at you over and over making the repetition a learning game. Life can only get quieter or slower; life never fully disappears; it is like when an echo is in a chamber of empty space they have to fill with the sender just outside the chamber listening in, trying to ensure the message is understood on the receiving end. Sometimes there may be multiple receivers or people in need of the same message. 

          Many times you can lose hope. But like how echos can be thought to disappear, or have failed to reach the receiver but bounce back, hope can bounce back in order to make what you feel is the right choice. Messages held within the echoes can be loud or quiet, but that is determined by the sender; only you and your belief can make your echoes loud. Echos may start out small but get louder after moving up in the empty space, leaving a mark each time; we all start out as someone small in life but can end up being someone big. Messages within the echoes can be positive or negative, but the receiver can always use the information to make the next one positive. Just like how life may throw your negative situations, you can always change it by doing the right thing. So what do you say, is life like an echo? What is your philosophy? What do you believe in, you may not know it now, but think, in the end, do you really want to believe that is it? Or are you scared that if life is not the end, you will not be accepted, and sent in the other direction so in that case, you choose not to believe?


Kathleen Nee

2-D art, Grid Drawings


Mckenzie Leavitt