2 Sentence Horror Stories

Happy Halloween!

This week we asked Rockland to share their scariest stories in 2 sentences or less!

Enjoy, but beware!

 Alexis DeFranc

Dancing along the outskirts of grave plots, I run along with my band of dressed up delinquents prance above long departed corpses. A whisper of wind called my name as it grabbed my attention from the group and towards a fresh plot, grass ungrown, headstone hastily etched by unknown hands, I find my own name...

My body was cold and stiff as I woke up on a surgeon's table. I didn't dare look down at the work that had been done, "Don't worry my dear, you won't feel a thing."

Alexis DeFranc
Mya Reese

I was walking home well after dark, when I got a text from an unknown number that said, "DO NOT turn around!" I thought it had to be a joke, so I hesitantly turned around to see a man wearing a clown mask with a large knife in his hand, and in a deep harsh voice he said, "Didn't your parents tell you that it's disrespectful to disobey your elders?"


Mya Reese

Matheus Rocha

I wake up; it's night time around 1:00AM. At the end of my bed I see a pale humanoid with no eyes whispering my baby's name.

Silvio Zapata

A man was travelling through the dark woods in search of solitude. But the only alone time he would have is in his head.

Mya Reese
Amari Jean

Lock your door, close your windows, hide away.  It is always watching.


Jordan Delorey

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David Ferraro

Abigail Moran

I asked my best friend to come pick me up so I could sleepover and she said she was sending her dad because she had just got in the shower.  He picked me up, and halfway through the ride I get a text saying, “hey my dad's out front waiting for you"

Anthony Morreale

I came home and saw a demonic figure in my mirror in my room. I then remembered I just have a very ugly friend.

Rebecca Killion
Calin Monett

Friends gathered in the woods,

A candle blew out.

Left alone in the dark

To never be heard of again.

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Mia Comeau

Jimmy DiCarli

The still, clear pool once was the go to for excitement. Now, it's an opaque red fly pot with eight bodies unseen at the bottom.


The demon in  my brain left tonight. Until I saw him peek through my closet door.

Allison Whitman

Last night, I had a dream that I was drowning in an ocean.  I woke up and realized that I’m twenty thousand feet under the sea.