Hope & Change


Welcome to this year’s first edition of IMAGES! The theme for this issue is Hope & Change. The literature and artwork here represents those things that help sustain us in the face of adversity. Life is hard, but it’s also beautiful. Thank you to all the Bulldogs who have reminded  us that it’s ALL about LOVE. We hope you’ll appreciate the talent and courage demonstrated here. Even more, we hope you’ll submit in the future!

Daniel Silva

A Grave New World

Daniel Silva


And on the last few days

Shattered pieces of my old world remained

But the world itself didn’t

The world I could recognize

The world of black and white

The world of order that I knew so well

It existed no longer.


And on the last few days

I remained

But I was left adrift

Left to gather the shattered pieces

Left to gather whatever I could find

Left to gather whatever I could recognize

Hopeless and alone.


And on the last few days

The vast plane of gray remained

But gray was an unknown color to me

I was unsure whether to like it

I was unsure whether to hate it

I was unsure how to recognize it

I was afraid.


And on the last few days,

My decision was made.


And from those pieces of black and white

I would mold myself a new world

The gray would be my canvas

On it I would paint colors

Colors unimaginable to me before

New colors that my old world did not have

Colors that I had only dreamed of.

And to my last few days

I will continue to paint them

Long after no more gray is seen

Long after this new world is born

Long after I come to recognize them all

A Grave New World

A World of infinite colors.

Noelle Atkins


Tatianna Hill


Change is now

Change is going to be changed

Change is the marking point to a timeline

The world is changing before our eyes can process


Change is flying over head

Change is a duo

The good and the bad

Take your best aim


Ready set now

People are scared of the unknown

Yet we desire our life to classifying

Change is the unknown


Daniel Silva

Another Bruise

Shandi Austin


A couple of kids with no one but themselves.

Wearing all black, rolling their eyes.

They look onto the ones they despise.

Inner turmoil and conflicts running wild.


The anxiety is a giant shadow overhead.

They’re just trying to survive.

Falling in love, but how will they thrive

When the feelings are another hell?


A couple of kids in love and in misery

Wearing nothing but angst on their sleeve.

In metal hearts, deep down they believe.

They’re making it out, loved and alive.


Angry teenagers, dragging their heads.

Where everyday is another bruise.

When life will no longer take them or abuse them.

A couple of kids singing hopeful but angry songs.


Danielle Hill

Tomorrow is Another Day

Erin Field


A child who lost his mother

is a child left astray.

The tuneful birds pipe their song,

Tomorrow is another day.


A kitten lost its food,

the attack was momentarily delayed.

It will starve till the sun comes up,

Tomorrow is another day.


So many innocent people

believe there’s no other way.

There’s no one there to tell them

Tomorrow is another day.


A person has a broken heart

someone loved has gone away.

The tears pour out as the music goes,

Tomorrow is another day.


A graduate stands proud and tall

remembering what teachers would say,

“If you don’t succeed, remember,

Tomorrow is another day.


So listen well all of you

don’t waste your life away.

When sad, just think and remember,

“Tomorrow is another day.”



Taylor Gallagher

Shannon Lindahl

As the Seasons Change



Change follows everyone

It is with you when you grab a coat instead of a sweatshirt

Or when you rake the leaves instead of mowing the grass

Fall is coming


The harsh winter soon arrives

The snow starts piling up

Everyone shivers as the cold wind flies

As they clutch their hot chocolate cups


Spring slowly creeps around

Its time short but sweet

Then summer comes in without any warning

And brings along the heat





Watching the clouds depart,

seeing the bright sky open,

gives me hope for one more day,

hope for one more moment.


The curtains drawn back,

the set is revealed,

all the men in black,

hope is seeing the band that helped you heal.


Hope was seeing him get better.

All those countless hours,

the room was covered in flowers.

When you lived, I thought you had superpowers.

Danielle Hill

Cait Meow


Sean Vo


I sink into my bed and try to close my eyes. The clock in my room keeps me awake. Time keeps ticking, reminding me that time to live is not infinite. However, the time to sleep may be. I rise, and I start to think. Memories of the past and future imaginations overwhelm me, while the present completely eludes me. Then I start to sink into my imagination, of what I want to be, what I want to do. And then I eventually fall back into my bed and fall asleep.  I am woken again, this time by the ticking of the clock and the eerily long night. I become paranoid, and start to shake for hours. Haunting images and thoughts start to flood me, and I can’t help it. I am paralysed by fear. But something manages to catch my eye, to turn me away from all this fear.


A sunrise...


The rising dawn...


It’s everlasting beauty...

The  clock strikes 5 AM. The sky is still dark, but it has a slight color to it, more than pitch black. It feels like a year has passed by, but only a few minutes. The sky lightens a little more, and I wonder why. Something tells me that the sun is rising. I stare for a moment, until I see the sun. It was the most beautiful thing, because it was that Thing that burned away all fear in my mind, and strengthened the hope that was hiding behind the shadow of fear. And then, I am blinded. A voice... “You have done many bad things. You have been haunted by your regrets...” A shroud of darkness appears in the light. Then, my inner voice cries, “I may have done many that I regret. But I don’t care what I have done! I know that  I can change! No matter what my past says, I can always change my future! I know I can, and I will.” This inner voice of mine, my second spirit, allows me to rise, and burns brighter than the shadows of fear and suppression. I can and will change, no matter what.  To leave the past behind for a bright future.

Maddie Cedrone


Pearse McNally


The wick’s flame flickers

like fading consciousness

of a junky’s high.

It waves goodbye

as it illuminates the dark



The violent red, the calming orange, the vibrant

white paints his face

as pen touches paper and

a lengthy dialogue is

established by his inner demons

and his frothing self loathe.


Suddenly his eyes lift

from the paper as a

gust pushes itself through

an ajar window.

The man is suddenly in horror

as the dark room becomes its

normal state as the wick’s flame

stops its dance,

extinguished by fate.


The cinch in his stomach

ties tightly,

like a noose

he feels his hope choke on the

gargantuan mass that is



But suddenly,

a ray of light begins to paint

the roof of the dark room.


The violent red, the calming orange, the vibrant


climb their way into his life.


The noose is suddenly cut

The night abruptly subsides

The day has finally begun

The demons have finally rested.

Shannon Lindahl

Celia Rose

Dance of the Willow

Sean Vo

I remember when I saw you, and where I met you. I met you by that willow tree. I was sitting by the tree, crying. You came over, and you introduced yourself quite well. You asked me why I was crying, and I said it was too complicated. You held out your hand and said, “I like complicated.” I told you my past, and ever since you meet me by the willow tree. Everyday, the wind would pass, and the leaves of the willow would dance. We look to the ground, and see the shadows of the leaves and the sunlight. It seemed as if they were flickering, like fire. And you said, “Look. When the leaves dance in front of the sun, it’s like fire. They both flicker. Remember, you have that flicker, you’ve always had it. That fire in you can change things.” I looked up to you, and remembered that first day by the tree, how you saved me.


The willow tree dances everyday...


The flicker of the sun, like fire...


And I remember that day...


It was on that first day that the willow tree danced the most. When you came, the winds calmed, still blowing, but revealing the shadows of the leaves with the light. I remember when you gave me the strength to stand up. I told you this and you said, “I didn’t give you strength. You found it yourself, and I was there to open your eyes to see it.” I asked you how you do it, how you keep hoping. You answered, referencing to my past, saying that I’m actually the most hopeful person you’ve ever met. How, despite my complex past, I still manage to change the fate that was to await me. That no matter what other people said, I kept having the hope and willpower to change it, and how my will to change everything was burning like the fire, dancing like that willow tree. I thought I was hopeless, but you cleared the fog in the forest to show me who I really am. Thank you, for everything. For showing me the truth, for showing me hope, and for showing me my true self.

Shannon Lindahl

Taylor Whitley

Beauty Within

Hannah Millen


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
Is she pretty, is she thin?

If this is a game, who will win?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, why can’t I be liked by them all?

I do so much, I try so hard

But the tears still stream down, like glass shards

Mirror Mirror on the wall, don’t you see society’s fall?

We are all beautiful beings, everyday

No one should care what people say

Mirror Mirror on the wall, put away the “beauty call”

Take the mask of makeup off, show your smile

Just be yourself, it’ll all be worthwhile

You're beautiful, don’t ever forget it

Whenever you’re down just please don't quit

Mirror Mirror on the wall, the image you gave me was always so small

I’m not the girl you would have met

But now I’m strong, I’m all set

Mirror Mirror on the wall, there’s no “fairest of them all”


Shannon Lindahl

Our time



Hope is the championship you want to get,

blood, tears, sweat, dripping down your face

Hope is your parents comforting you while you wept

you fell 1-0 with thirty seconds left


Hope is a new year with a new team

It’s time to prove ourselves and dominate the league

With only three months to pull off a dream


Practice everyday Monday through Saturday

With a couple games in-between

Sore bodies are nothing too extreme


If we leave everything on the field, achieving our goal

A 3-0 win is all that it’s for

Our willpower, hustle and motivation in store

In order to walk off that field with a better score

Then the game we left, with our tears and sweat on that bus floor.

Katie Gardner

Dear Soldier, Come Home

Yousra Bendarkawi


Hope is patience

Waiting for him to come home

Hope is counting the number of days

Before I can have my soldier close


Hope is her smile

That gets me through my day

Hope is survival

To fight for her and be brave


Hope is love through thick and thin

Even though we’re miles and miles apart

As we both struggle through our battles

Hope is keeping each other close at heart



To Put it Bluntly

Daniel Silva


It’s a stupid idea to keep pretending and convincing ourselves that everything will continue on the same. But, admittedly, we all do it. And we all squirm, shake, gag at that one horrific word: Change... No, not the one you keep in your pockets, the other one. And yes, some might say they like change; “old” is “boring”, “new” is “thrilling”. Well, it can be, but to say you don’t get anxious at thinking about it? That you don’t get worried and a million “what-ifs” hurl across your mind? Well then, you could be either a dirty liar or real buffoon. In that case, I’m terribly envious of you. I’m cursed with being too perceptive to fool myself.

Back to the point, the hardest part about “change” is acceptance. It's a bit funny though, because very often, I mean very often, it feels like acceptance is the only part. *GASP*. Don’t put the paper down.

Change is like swallowing that large pill in your mouth. All you really need to do is swallow it and its over and done, but of course it's a particularly large pill so you’re scared of a particular “death by pill-enlodged-to-throat-itis”. So instead you keep insisting on breaking it into pieces but your mom is saying “no you can’t do that or it won’t have full effect” but then you’re like “mom thats not true at all” but she’s like “just swallow it already” but you’re like “but mom” but she--What I’m trying to say here is that after you grow the *boldness* to swallow that pill you realize, “hey that wasn’t so bad… I could’ve died a terrible death there… but I’m still alive…sorta.” Once you actually swallow it, not only do you stop worrying about it, you feel much better.

Maybe “swallowing the pill” isn’t the best advice to be giving here, but the truth is, we all need to take that red pill eventually so that we’re all ready to embrace that new world of ours.

Road to Hope

Joey Marchetti

First light of Summer

Austin Ferrullo


The dawn of the new morning breaks through the cracks in the straw roofing and illuminates the dirt floor. Mingli opens her eyes and her nostrils flare as she inhales the first scent of moss and dew. She silently rises and tends to the fire that had been burning overnight. Mingli grabs some tinder in bunches of five or six and cracks them over her worn, beaten knees. She stokes the fire with a thick piece of green timber and opens the lid to the kettle dangling from the tripod above the open flame. The steam creepily makes its ways up the ceramic walls of the pot as if it was a curious, yet frightened, newborn and Mingli was its new mother. The tea was a simple mix of water from the stream and an herb that abundantly grew around the hut. Mingli steps out onto the wet mud outside of the front door, making sure to keep silent so that she would not wake her husband, Chen. The air is thick with the scent of damp moss and the clouds that clung to the tall pillars of the mountains are low today and the moisture would collect on your tongue if you were to patiently wait with your tongue outstretched. This is all typical for Mingli, she and her husband have been living here in the valley for quite some time. On mornings like this where the clouds of the mountains sank down to the earth floor bringing moisture with it, Mingli would awaken fairly early in order to harvest the numerous herbs that thrived in this area. However there was something else the clouds brought, the tops of the mountains were heavily invested with a specific mushroom that only seemed to inhabit the peaks of the tallest mountains in the valley. The mushrooms would release their spores upon the first light of summer and the spores would mix into the clouds. When the clouds were dense with moisture they would fall to the ground, sprouting the same breed of mushrooms upon the earth. Unfortunately the mushrooms would only survive on the valley floor for a few days at a time, so Mingli made sure she tracked the clouds behaviors whenever she had the spare time to do so. The mushrooms were like no other and the smells they produced in great bunches seemed to captivate her, gathering them was her sinful obsession. The fog was thick around the hut and Mingle, with a  thick woven basket strapped to her hips set out into the white void.


Taylor Gallagher

Story Of An Hour

Austin Ferrullo


The emergency light flashed with a monotone buzzing sound each second of the hour, hour after hour. The hull of the ship was nearly submerged. The water was frigid and perfectly clean, but he did not notice, he was too busy working the door. The steel walls were giving way to the pressure of the water outside It was only a matter of time before the dam burst and the floodgates were let to run free, perhaps an hour or so. He pulled and slammed and jerked yet the bolt of the cabin door would not give way. It was such a simple obstacle, such an inferior object that was keeping him from his freedom. Just beyond the door the sound of running water echoed through each corridor. The baron ship allowed for almost perfect silence letting  the sound of  flowing water to be carried all throughout the vessel. The almost soothing sound would be abruptly interrupted by the clashing sound of  pots and pans in the dining hall as the bow of the ship shifted. Then the melody of rhythmic flowing water would rush back into his ears. It was getting louder, the ship must have been  nearly submerged by then.The place that once held so much conversation was now a silent tomb slowly plunging into the vast emptiness of the ocean with one passenger aboard, trapped in his personal quarters. The stippled steel floor was far beneath him now and he kicked and struggled to find a foothold to keep his face above water. As his nostrils bobbed in and out of the frigid waters he was flooded himself with memories. Memories of the ship in its prime, before all of this evil had torn apart its skin and flooded into its chest.

The comforting aroma of roasted potatoes wandered the halls, aiming to find a new home in the unsuspecting grunt fast asleep in his bunk. The seas were quiet and the sky was a vast and empty blue. The crew was restless for a meal, this being there last at sea before they reach port, they were savoring every moment. He dug through his mind trying to recall their destination, but with no progress. All he could recall was that all was going well. Lunch was in session and he had eaten with the crew before retreating back to his cabin to get some rest and then...


Katie Gardner


Colleen McCarthy



Hope is something you wish for,

Something you wish for during a nightmare we call life

Hope is something that’s missing,

Something that’s missing when your mother also is


Hope is something that’s lost,

Something you lose the same time you lose your brothers to drugs

Hope is something you can’t find,

Something you can’t seem to find when your father is on his hospital bed with cancer


Hope is something that’s gone,

Something that’s gone just like your premature baby

Hope is something we wish for,

Something we wish to find during this nightmare we call life


Haikus For Hope 

The haiku is a traditional Japanese poetic form that follows a fixed form; a haiku consists of three lines with a total of seventeen syllables. Generally, the syllabic count occurs as five, seven, and five. Haikus offer simplicity and tranquility.  The haikus below were composed by Bulldogs to remind us that life is beautiful. We thank them for feeding our hunger.


Josh Rose's laughter

Echoing throughout my ears    

This gives me some hope

-Kyle Arbia


Even though they’re gone
They will be there till the end
This gives me some hope



Look up to the sky
To see the stars spell believe
This gives me much hope

-Sean Vo


The chickadee hops

Enlightened by the fall Sun

Inspiring all

-Riley Bouchard


The sun has risen

frost recedes from window

this inspires hope

-Riley Bouchard


Clouds part from the sky

The sun begins shining

the birds sing a song
-Riley Bouchard


Being together
On Thanksgiving and Christmas
This gives me some hope



Graduation Day
Wearing the white cap and gown
This gives me some hope

-Molly McDonough


Beautiful music
It fills me up with some peace
This gives me some hope

-Jason Cameron


The beautiful stars
You all live up above me
You give me hope

-Jason Cameron


Colorful leaves fall
But I know they will be back
This gives me hope

-John Kamande


The Christmas season

Sweet aromas fill the air

This gives me some hope

- Alisha Schneider


Even those most sad

Still find a reason to smile

This gives me some hope

-Alyssa Hatch


Opening a book
Entering an unknown world
This gives me some hope

-Bridget Martin

Watering my plants
Having them depend on me
This gives me some hope

-Bridget Martin


The cool placid lake

The beautiful butterflies

Morning is here now

- Cait Meow


Summer in the air

Daffodils in the gardens

Tree tops rustle loud

- Cait Meow


Sweeping clouds so white

Floating among the tree tops

Vanished, night has come

- Cait Meow

Fear against the dark

Standing still and looking on

The cold dark nights here

- Cait Meow


When the old folks die

We will be in charge, hell yeah

This gives me some hope

- Chris Landy


I adore my dog

But I hate the way he smells

This gives me some hope

- Chris Landy


Night under the light

With diploma in my hand

This gives me some hope

- Kayla Beaudry


Our Bulldog Nation

The loud cheering in the stands

This gives me some hope

- Kayla Beaudry


Power with struggle

Continuing to keep faith

This gives me some hope

- Kayla Beaudry


Single family

one town unites at all times

This gives me some hope

- Kayla Beaudry


The smelly K-Bear

Just got a job at Walgreens

This gives me some hope

- Anon


Rockland Volleyball

Round two of state tournament

This gives me some hope

- Anon


The fridge is empty

The cabinets are still full

This gives me some hope

- Austin Ferrullo


When the sun goes down

It is known of its return

This gives me some hope

-Gary Reyno


When my dogs don’t bark

I will not have a headache

This gives me some hope

-Gary Reyno


When one fades away

They don’t go out with a bang

This gives me some hope

- Gary Reyno


Happy and joyful

Love is a sweet summer rain

That refreshes us



Love is like winter

Warm kisses thaw freezing hearts

One day the spring comes



A dove flies sweetly

On paper notes, telling all

Of my love for you



Big like the mountains

My love for you shines through for

Everyone to see



The stars shine brightly

All is peaceful and quiet

This gives me some hope

- Lauren Zaremba

My bedroom is dark

Music plays to keep me calm

This gives me some hope

- Lauren Zaremba


Cute texts from my friends

Sweet words to brighten my day

This gives me some hope

- Lauren Zaremba


Walking through the woods

Shooting photos of the world

This gives me some hope

- Joey Marchetti


No shave November

My face is very hairy

This gives me some hope

- Joey Marchetti


Leaves fall to the ground

Fall has finally arrived

This gives me some hope

- Joey Marchetti


Always seeing friends

Helps me get through the long days

This gives me some hope



Mac and cheese is great

I always eat it at home

This gives me some hope



The leaves fall off trees

To make new ones grow like dreams

This gives me some hope



Playing in the lights

On Friday nights with my team

This gives me some hope

-Joey Reardon


Cheering of the crowd

The buzzer rings and we win

This gives me some hope

-Kallie Morss


Thanksgiving is bomb

Turkey, broccoli, and cheese

This gives me some hope

-Liam Ball


Summer on the beach

Listening to waves all day

This gives me some hope

-Madeline Daly


Playing with my dogs

Together they run around

This gives me some hope

-Madeline Daly


The Rockland Bulldogs

Support all their sports teams

This gives me some hope

-Madeline Daly


Reading a good book

Unable to put it down

This gives me some hope

-Shannon Lindahl


Rain cleansing the earth

Washing away death and pain

This gives me some hope

-Shannon Lindahl


My dog greeting me

Happy when no one else is

This gives me some hope

-Shannon Lindahl


Hockey is relief

It helps free me from the stress

This gives me some hope

-Shayne Hurley