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B&W Bulb
B&W Bulb

We've accumulated some of the best of the best content submitted to throughout the years! See below the drawings, illustrations, photographs, poetry and more by both current and past students of RHS. Stay tuned for the next opportunity for YOU to submit your content!


Spooky Season


  She looked at me with no expression. As if she knew what I was feeling and was ready to use it against me. A smile that could only be described as crooked slowly crept across her face. Her sunken eyes were as empty as her appearance, and contentment was as lacking as her morals. She was still but I could tell she was writhing internally. Even before I was aware of her existence I knew there was something watching me. There are no people here, just she and I. I can no longer differentiate myself from her.

by Paige Boggs

Fantasy and Reality


​Reality is a hoax

Reality is what you believe

Reality is all your hopes

Reality is all you perceive


Nothing is real, it’s all in your head

Everything you think is real, is all made up

Real is everything you dread

Real is what you put in your cup


Reality is when you struggle

Reality is your sigh

Reality is when you crumble

Reality is when you cry


Something is real when you can feel it

What is real?

Real is your wit

Real is all that you can feel

by Jessica Cameron


by Shane Darcy



Alexa Coulstring.jpg


by Lexi Coulstring


The orchard’s flowers

are in full bloom, releasing

their captive pollen, like a

parent to their child, now an

adult, freed upon the world.

by Dylan Cunningham


You stood on it.

You played on it.

You partied on it.

You drove on it.

You got hurt on it.

You were told to come to dinner from it.

You rolled on it.

You looked at the stars from it.

You were told to cut it.

You grew up on it.

You left it for a car.

You forgot about it.

You got rid of it for a driveway.

But someday,

You’ll return to it.

by Mike Ahern