Shawn Ward
The Battle: Mike Ahern, Christie Hurley

I try to help you,

But you don’t want to help yourself.

I pull you up,

But you drag me down.

I try to please you,

But my efforts are thankless.

You lock me out,

As I plead to be let in.

This battle has turned into a war.

And I’m losing my mind

Trying to find yours.

Shannon Lindahl
Shrouded Truth: Scott Johnson

There is a pandemic

but it is ignored.

There is a pandemic

so why don't we care.

It is seen but not said.

The lies are put forth into the light for all to see

but the truth is hidden

behind it all,

shrouded in darkness.

The pandemic controls us,

but we do nothing.

It tricks us and we let it.

We are the ones that are sick,

but we are not its source.

We can be the cure.

What is the pandemic?

The pandemic is corrupt,

The pandemic is

The World.


Silence: Madison Parlee

Silence never leaves

Footsteps died away

Silence fills the room like light

Every inch and every corner

Everyone lays in silence

One single shot sounded in the distance

No movement

Silence fell into the room once again


Vivian Nguyen
The Beauty of the World: Doug Reardon

I sat on a rock staring into the lake in front of me.

All around me the sky was a royal blue spotted gently with cotton ball clouds.

A rainbow decorates the sky flaunting its array of color,

while the trees swayed proudly in the gentle breeze,

and crickets chirped gently in the tall grass behind me.

The environment around me perfectly displayed mother nature’s beauty.

But all I can see is the black murky water of the lake.


Shane Darcy