"If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention. "

Art is not only a reflection of society, but it is also an instrument of social awareness and change. We at IMAGES strive to give voice to the voiceless, to give a megaphone to the quiet student at the back of the class, to show RHS the power and necessity of artistic expression. So, this week, we are offering a statement of outrage. We have created a poem as a group reflecting our concerns about the world in order to foster conversation and awareness. We are also offering a challenge to the high school community. if any of this matters to you, send us your own couplets in the same format.


Speak up. Stay woke. Destroy Apathy.



We are outraged because we should not be afraid to speak out

      It matters because we all deserve to be heard

We are outraged because individuality is misconstrued as picking a side

       It matters because it’s not us and them, it’s just us

We are outraged because college costs so much

     It matters because we will be in debt for the rest of our lives

We are outraged because healthcare isn’t free

     It matters because people have to die or be deep in debt

We are outraged because nazis still walk among us

     It matters because we fought a world war to stop them

We are outraged that our president dedicated a golf trophy to the people of Puerto Rico

     It matters because his personal accolades don’t help the fact they don’t have any power

We are outraged because people ignore all the men who get raped

     It matters because it is not just women who suffer from this terrible crime

We are outraged because the laughter is drowning out the cries for help

     It matters because this isn’t funny

We are outraged because “heroin overdose” is a part of our everyday vocabulary

     It matters because we all know addicts

We are outraged because the power’s still out in Puerto Rico

     It matters because the powers that be still stuff their fat faces in Washington

We are outraged because the president is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic

     It matters because a bigot is controlling our rights and threatens to take them away

We are outraged because of the ignorance shown toward sexual abuse and rape

     It matters because our leader brags he  “grabs them by the pussy”

We are outraged that our own neighbors say white supremacy is an acceptable opinion

     It matters because Americans fought for freedom for so long

We are outraged because abuse victims are taught to remain quiet and not make a scene

     It matters because victims deserve a voice

We are outraged that there is even a need to defend being yourself

     It matters  because individuality is not a privilege but a right

We are outraged they elected a sexual predator as our president

     It matters because we can’t normalize sexual assault

We are outraged because we are so desensitized to blatant racism

     It matters because we need less division

We are outraged b/c society thrives on revolution yet we judge those brave enough to try it

     It matters because we need to change

We are outraged because “bitch” is now common slang for women

     It matters because we are not dogs

We are outraged because people only listen to what they want to hear

     It matters because  dogma does not make us intelligent

We are outraged because kids are drawing swastikas

     It matters because they say it’s no big deal

We are outraged because there has to be outrage

     It matters because we hate to hate

We are outraged because all people are not treated equally

     It matters because we’re all made out of the same skin and bones

We are outraged by the phrase “boys will be boys”

     It matters because it excuses the actions of grown men

We are outraged that so many live their lives on social media

     It matters because there is so much more to life than a screen

We are outraged by those who believe their way is the only way

     It matters because “not all who wander are lost”

We are outraged because white supremacists march the streets

     It matters because the people in power aren’t stopping them

We are outraged about what happened in Charlottesville

     It matters because our past is becoming our present

We are outraged because someone fouled our home with swastikas

     It matters because we are Rockland.