Fiery oranges of the setting sun dipped their edges into the plumes of the hazy purples, calling on to the darkness of the approaching night. But underneath, the world was engulfed with strong familiar scents of buttery popcorns, treats cooked and dripping with grease, and the exotic smell of each body present, letting themselves get wrapped in the excitement the bright lights of the amusement park brought with them. Thrilled, exhilarated, scared, the figures swept across the mazes of packed place, bubbling with the intoxication of the enjoyment they were about to plunge themselves into.

-Emaan Asad

Alyssa Mui

Low Relief Creatures, 3D Art

“Amusement Park”

Popcorn in one arm, and a plump stuffed animal in the other, the jovial atmosphere filled the longing of nostalgia. From the Ferris wheel, time sauntered with ease, and the friends savored a moment of tranquility. Kids laughed as they oversaw over the entire amusement park, pointing at the moving specks below. The savory scent of fried dough wafted from a stall crowded by those of varying sizes and shapes, each bearing a similar hunger to satiate. The vibrant lights of the rides kept spirits afloat as the sun retired from its fun. As swift and fast people scurried towards attractions, the food that filled their tired souls aroused, electrifying serotonin. Eyes seemed to blink slower and rapid feet came to a calm amble. Parents collected their children from pinball machines and a turning carousel. Soon, the rumble of voices dissipated into a peculiar silence, only the hum of machinery alive.

- Vivian Nguyen

Megan Joyce

Pop Art Digital Painting, Digital Art

Life is a dense piece of clay. When clay is first opened it is fresh, soft, and moldable, just like yourself as a young child. You mold into any shape you want, you get to choose. After a while, your once dense clay starts to become more firm like it's hardening on the inside. You are growing up and your mold is starting to harden and take formation. Your basic shape has already been formed but you must use what little dense clay you have left to perfect your imperfections; add your finishing touches. Now, the ball of clay has nearly dried up completely, and you are running out of precious time. You rush to make sure you’ve done everything possible to leave your mark. After you’ve hardened completely, you are rinsed underwater and start back at square one.



After escaping the cabin far from the road, I came across a river covered in fog. I walked through it squishing whatever was in the water with my boots. Although it was dark and eerie it could almost be perceived as peaceful. For a moment the peace was overwhelming. I shook myself back to reality and walked up the hill, through the woods you could see the moonlight. When I stared into the moonlight it felt like forever. It consumed me and I could not keep my eyes off it even when I heard branches snapping behind me. I finally grew the strength to pull away from the blinding light only to realize trees were falling. I had been looking at the moon for so long my boots were enclosed in the ground. I could not move, the trees started falling faster and faster until the last one. The one closest to me. The one that would kill me. A second before the tree was about to crush me, I woke up.

Trinity Joyce 

Skulls, Charcoal Pencil, Advanced Art

When my father kicked me out of the car after insulting my stepmom, I began walking a long road towards the snow-covered mountains. I was aggravated and upset that my father would choose my stepmother over me his own daughter and blood. So I began plotting my revenge when walking this long road something came across my mind. What if my father would never come back to get me, I would not care. I never cared, my father is not going to get away with picking my stepmother over me. There is something deeper darker I want to achieve than simple old revenge. My father is constantly choosing his girlfriends over what is important. I understand I insulted her but she did the same thing, bringing my mother into it. They know how touchy that subject is. It is not fair they get to have a normal life with their new baby while I have to sit and pretend I fit in.

When I woke up from that nightmare I had, although it felt real I found myself beached on the sand. The water was crystal clear and smelled like heaven. The flowers were blooming and it looked so peaceful. There was a cave ahead of me about a quarter of a mile ahead of me. I decided to start walking there.

The river was like a thousand crystals falling down the rocks. The sun was like a star that had just been born. The trees were nothing more than people reaching for that star over the crystals. The grass was greener than ever before. Spring has started, Winter is dead. This looked familiar, somewhere I have been before. I can not quite tell where but it looks like it. I think my father took me here when I was a child, I am now grown and can not recall things as easily as I could.


Steven Vernava

Pop Art Digital Painting, Digital Art


I am in the salty, cold water. All I hear is the sound of birds chirping and the waves crashing into each other. The warm sun beams on me as I float in the water. The smell of summer and hot weather as I look in the bright blue sky. I feel the warm water against me as I pick up a small rock. I see the birds fighting each other to get the last piece of bread I threw on the soft sand.

-Janelle Gavin

“California Falls…”

Looking down at the ocean from above, seeing the bright and pretty glorified color of the seawater, attempting to get rid of my fear of heights. With nothing but determination that I can face my fears of jumping off of the cliff, into the water, while taking in every moment of it. Shaking and counting down from five, I get ready to make a memory of a lifetime, four... three... two... ONE! Before I could blink, I completed a dream of a lifetime and was so happy I could barely catch my breath.

-Sam Woodward

Mary McPartlin

Perspective Drawing, 2D Art

“The Road to Dad”

The wind whips past your face. You’re driving along the narrow road, almost meditating to the sound of the gravel path under your rough tires. You tap your fingers against the side of your dirt-caked car, allowing your arm to hang out the window and experience the grooves of the air as they caress your hand. You hear the music blasting and you can feel your hair slapping against your ears, affecting the sound of your favorite playlist, but in a good way. Your mind is clear and your soul feels full for the first time in a long while.

-McKenna Maher

Life is like a movie. All the important people in your life are a part of the vast cast you will meet along the way. The place you live and the beautiful places you will visit are your settings, which will in turn affect which way the plot of your movie will go. The setting affects the mood, the decisions, and even the cast. You are the main character in your own movie, while others are the main characters in theirs. Anything thrilling and unexpected can happen in life, like a surprise plot twist in a movie. Depending on your personal beliefs, your movie director and producer could be yourself, fate, or God. Just like a movie, life has its exciting ups and disappointing downs, but luckily, you always come out on the other side of things, in your happily ever after.


Caitlyn Harrington

Pop Art Digital Painting, Digital Art

Kathleen Nee

Grid Drawings, Pencil, 2D Art


A patch of blue silk cloth stretched across the horizon, pulled down tightly on the edges of the world. Sharp jagged peaks capped in rose from the dirt, reaching up to the unknown, circling the narrow, thin trail of the road like teeth in a mouth caging the tongue. 

-Emaan Asad

“Spring Morning…”

As my husband and children are still sleeping in on this lovely Saturday morning, I escape from home and enjoy a hike into the springs and capture the beauty of the dewy morning. With only an hour or so to spare with alone time, I relax and enjoy the noises of nature, compared to the screaming crying babies at home.

-Sam Woodward

Olivia Campbell

Wire Contour Portrait

Life is like lightning. Loud and angry, bundled up frustration ready to strike any second. It creates fears, worries, doubts, anxiety, and destruction. It could strike and ruin dreams, hopes, wishes, and friendships. It could make you feel sad, down, depressed. Lightning consists of everything chaotic and dangerous, uprooting everything in its path. It's nature's instinct to scream and shout.


Life is a lottery. Some people get lucky and hit big, winning millions. Some get addicted to getting rich fast and lose everything. Most gain small wins every now and then, like gaining a hundred dollars. Some have horrible luck and never gain anything at all. Some people are born into a wealthy family, and never work a day in their lives. Others get addicted to small things that don’t matter and end up wasting their life. Most gain small wins, like getting accepted into a good college, marrying, and having children. And then there are people that don’t get a chance to live their life or fail to do anything with it.


Life is like a rollercoaster. There is a limpid starting point, and despite whether you desire it to or not, it will end. Similar to life, the ride won’t stop or slow down just because you want it to. They can be fun and pleasurable, or scary and thrilling. You will experience, or suffer through, extreme highs and lows, and twists and turns you may not have bargained for. But no matter what happens, the ride will always come back down from the highs and back up from the lows, because nothing is permanent. You’re always with a variety of other people, along for the ride you may not be ready for. 


Brianna Killarney

Low Relief Creatures, 3D Art

Life is a dance. In our world, there are endless songs we dance to—rock, pop, or the little tune a person hums in the dawn of an early morning. We interpret joyful or solemn music through practiced choreography or whimsical movement. One might have strict discipline like ballerinas, or jump place to place like hip-hop dancers. There is no one way to dance a song, just like how there isn’t a sole way to live our lives. Some will criticize their crooked posture, and some will brag about their keen pirouettes. Yet, we can view our experiences positively, or choose to berate ourselves for the minor missteps we take. Dance partners are much like the individuals that accompany us in our daily lives. They can lead us in a concerted waltz, or we can help them grasp the pulsing rhythm they’ve struggled to find. We can live life solo, or we can step alongside others as a synchronized group. In essence, no dance is the same because we are all unique individuals, grooving with a touch of flair unlike any other.

-Vivian Nguyen

Bailey Farquharson

Grid Drawings, Pencil, 2D Art