We are Images.

We are proud to present to RHS all the new art, poems, and short  stories that collectively make up this first webzine. We will continue to share the work of the artists that are hidden in our hallways, and we hope that you can appreciate what they have done.

Emmy Kelley

The Climber

Sean  Sugrue

My heart is shared

Betwixt fear and love

The former is strong

The latter all too weak

The rungs, they crumble

Beneath my heavy step

I can climb no more

For I am out of breath

To strive further

Would be my Death.

Tea at Midnight 

Katie Houde

The tea set in the garden was always empty, even on the sunniest of spring days.

One night a year, though, the chairs were occupied.

On that night, the moon shone bright in the sky for the longest it ever does. The air is cold and crisp, the world blanketed in ice.

That night, despite the time of year, it felt as if spring had returned. Fireflies twirled in the air. The snow melted, leaving lush green grass in its wake. It was still cold, but not as cold as it should have been in the dead of winter.

It was magic.

Magic created eons ago, made of sunlight and dreams, weaved together with the nimble fingers of the ancient spirits.

Those spirits also came with this magic. The water sprites always made the tea, with help from the dryads. The fae came along every few centuries, giving out biscuits and cookies to everyone there, though they all knew not to eat them.

This happened every year and every year since I figured this out, I had joined them.

Last year was different.

Everything had seemed normal until one of the faeries had offered me a scone. Now, no one had told me about the rules concerning the fae and their food, so I took it. It was a very good scone, but all I remember is taking a bit and then. . .

Well, they found me the next morning, sitting at the tea set in the garden, which was empty except for me. I was shivering in my nightgown, staring into space. My small hands were clasped around a delicate tea cup.

The cup, instead of being filled with tea, was filled with a red liquid. I had spilled slightly and it was all over my nightgown. It was a dreadful mess.

They took me away after that. Almost a year, it had been, since I'd said goodbye to mother and father.

I don't think I'll be making it to the tea party this year.

 The Change

Tahmya  Cappra

As we ring in another new year

It is time for a new beginning

A change in society this year

Is a much needed thing

Inequality is unacceptable in the present

A singer named Macklemore said “ No law is gonna change us, we have to change us.”

Together hand in hand

We can work to make a difference

In our America

United We Stand

To make this change

The change that will last a lifetime

Paint and the Ocean

Katie Houde

The waves crashed along the shore

And my heart crashed into yours

Though it only lasts a second

I never want to end it

My hearts being torn apart

And my soul ripped to shreds

We knew this from the start

But I still wonder when this will end

Our eyes met and

I could see your soul

For that split second

I was whole

Blue into green and I knew

What they could mean

When they spoke of

Paint and the ocean

Alicia Williams

Sean Fitzgerald

The Girl with the Dragon Halloween Costume

Sean Fitzgerald

The tattered green stripes were worn thin where her scales used to be. Her yellow underbelly was permanently blemished an unforgiving black color. Time took away her left wing, ensuring that she was grounded and trapped with the rest of them.

They were nothing expressive. Always encasing themselves in the mundane colors of gray and black. Yet their costumes were torn too.

She was never going to be like them, she fought her whole life not to. She despised what they stood for and she never succumbed to their belittlement. They could mock her all they’d like, she resides to care. To her, they were the helpless and she thrived on believing she was better.

Even now, in the crowd of the broken beaten and victimized she stood out with her Dragon Halloween costume. Little did they know, she was just as broken, beaten and victimized as the rest of them.

Ashley Kenney

To Be

By Jacob Nunn

  To be something so depended on must be tiring. Many make the decision before two decades of life lived and know that’s their destiny. To be something so hated but yet so respected all in the same area of land mass is quite confusing yet understandable. To be something so dangerous, in an area so dangerous, and identify as something so benign and normal must be exhausting. To be one thing yet be another thing must be strenuous. To exist on two planes at once in your mind but on one plane in another’s mind must be nauseating.

To be a killer but not a killer at all must be damaging.

To serve the servants must be infuriating. Do the servants respect you as if they would break bread with you? Or do they respect you as if you would respect them? Do you respect them? What does it mean to be respected? What does it mean to be a tool of war?

Nevaeh Clara


Sean Sugrue

Love, the word we use

When like is not enough

The word abused

When going gets tough

When under attack

With heart unfillable

That one syllable

Fills every crack

That single word

Acts as a thousand

Serves to rouse and

Needs to be heard

Language of hope

Rival to fear

Helps to cope

When darkness is near

A special place

Deep inside

Quickens pace

Oh, endless ride

Sometime pay a price

Despair above

None others suffice

Only love.

Jonathas Numeriano

Tyler Morrison

Sarah Pollard