What Inclusion Means to RHS

Nobody left behind
Love to be included

Understand on another


Inspiring words

Over job with friends

Never say never

-Alex Anzivino

"To me, unity means to join together and work as one." -Ugan U

I like to include people
No one left behind
Live together

Unified sports


I love each other

One for all

Nice people


-Dillon Doyle

To me, unity means a large group of people come together and create a community where there are on outsiders. -Dakota Pike


To me, unity means everyone joining no matter what race, gender, or disability someone has. -anonymous 


To me, unity means being accepted despite your differences - anonymous 


To me, unity means us all being together/ equality. -Ayanha L


To me, unity means to stick together through thick and thin, to include everyone and work as a group. -Hissam Dubois

I like to include everyone
Nice people
Caroline is my buddy
Love everyone 

Unified kickball


Include everyone

One for all

Never be lonely


-Cailin Sullivan