For our first contest Images asked RHS to teach us a lesson. Below is the winning submission by Joey Messier, along with an original piece of art.  Keep an eye out in the halls for the theme of the next contest
Joseph Messier 1.jpeg

This world we live in, it ain’t the fantasy land we think it is as a kid after reading fairy tales.  There is no such thing as a happily ever after because life can change. Good and bad things happen in this world, and most of the time it is out of our control and we just have to hold on for dear life. We don’t know what the future may hold, what obstacles may block our paths, which Dragons we will have to slay or if we will ever find our Princess or Prince Charming.  Some people choose to do good and others choose vile acts to cause chaos.  


Yet even if we feel like it sometimes, we’re not alone in this world.

We’re all in this together.